New-Fangled Technology!

Wow, 2015! You make me feel like I am living in a science fiction novel.

Those of you who know me or have read my “About Me” page will understand this: I still wake up sometimes and wonder how I got here. My earliest memories are of me waking up to the sound of machetes cutting the grass. Now in my average day I find myself using technology I could never have dreamed of! I know that technology is advancing at a rapid rate even for those who have lived in America all their lives, but imagine if you literally spent your first few years in a village!

First of all there is the AC, which is on 24/7 these days because of the July heat. We did not have air conditioning until I was ten. Today I used the percolator to boil water for my coffee. A device you plug in to boil water? Electric stove, microwave, laptop, iPhone, DVD player, flatscreen TV…I had none of that growing up. And that’s just my day to day routine. Now think about how the world interacts, does business, does entertainment, and social media. It’s mind boggling.

As I launch this website I have been expanding my social media presence (I didn’t have much of one until now). I will say this: I never much liked social media for friendships, but I respect it as a business tool. I still don’t quite understand tumblr and flickr and how they are different and I know there are hundreds of social media platforms! It is a little overwhelming to create these accounts, keep track of them, and keep them updated. It makes me feel like an old woman!

But here’s to marketing and networking in order to do what I love!


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