Smart Houses

So I was watching an episode on hulu when a commercial for Iris Home Management System popped up. I was a little alarmed. I spent the next twenty minutes watching youtube videos on all the “smart house” options out there (I know Samsung has one too). Unfortunately I couldn’t find the short commercial from hulu, but at the bottom is a youtube link if you are interested. The clip I saw showed this smart house turning on the sprinkles and letting the dog out before the woman was awake. Then it turned the coffeepot on. I don’t remember what else.

Now there is one side of me that would get very excited at this. I imagine if someone offered me the opportunity to live in a smart house I might jump at it. I’ve always wanted to travel into the future! And I have to admit it would be extremely convenient to have my house make me coffee, turn my lights on and off when I need them, lock the door, and start my washing machine for me. However, my initial reaction was a little less positive. I’m not sure I want my house to stop being four walls and a roof and turn into my iPhone. Granted, I am very sentimental about houses. The ones I grew up in were simple wooden structures with tin roofs. 🙂 I think there are a million terrifying SciFi movies with artificial intelligence taking over the world for a reason (or at least people hacking into any and all “secure” systems). For instance, I’m definitely not an expert on how these things work, but what if someone was able to access my smart home network? They could have a lot of power of my family.

Any thoughts?


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