I Don’t Always Get Inspired, But When I Do…

It’s 2:30am. Don’t get me wrong. I love me some inspiration–you know, the kind that sends tingles down your spine because it’s so darn good.

I remember ploughing my way through my first novel. I got stuck about every ten pages. I would set it aside for months. When I came back I would gut it: chop scenes, add scenes, change names. Sometimes I would start completely from scratch. It was an ugly battle. I could barely come up with one solid, character-driven, plot-worthy idea. I was terrified that I only had one story in me. That I would never have a good idea again.

These days (as in the last 2.5 years) I am getting new ideas left and right. Now I complain about having to finish one project before starting on a new one.

But there is a difference between an idea that steals upon you gradually through people you know, places you’ve been, or bizarre circumstances, and the idea that pops up in pre-packaged glory! Those probably come once a year if I am lucky. I guess I’ve had mine this year, because one came to me at 2:30am earlier this week. I’ve been taking a lot of steps lately to get serious about my writing career and it has me excited. My mind was so full of characters, story, possibility, and responsible planning that I couldn’t sleep. Then at last I saw the light. It was like the fog had lifted. It was warm and clear and bright. (Okay, I’ll stop ;P )

Anyway, this little gem of an idea is for a short story, which could conceivably turn into a novel in the future. But I have enough on my plate and I only need a few thousand words to capture the heart of it. Keep your eyes peeled and you may see it pop up in the next few months!

In general, I think I’d prefer to be inspired around 8:30 in the morning. I’m just saying.



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