Coffee Shops

photo 2~2I’ve always felt like coffee shops and writers should team up. I mean come on! They sell coffee and tea. We (for the most part) live off of these beverages like they were creativity-battery-packs (or is that just me?). I propose a coffee discount for writers! Who’s with me? Yes, local coffee shop which I shall not name, I will haunt you every day and recommend you to my friends. All you have to do is show me a little loyalty love.

I suppose if I was a little more courageous, a little less discreet, or business oriented I might actually approach said coffee haven with an offer. But I have this disgusting feeling that they would smile awkwardly at me while they turn me down flat.

I guess I could look at this way: when I purchase a cup of wonderful beverage at one of these fine establishments I am paying for an office, internet access, and a stimulating environment. Still, coffee shops. You don’t know what you’re missing!

Some day…


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