10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I play guitar (decently) and sing (acceptably). I will always live with the sister-inferiority-complex, but it is a fact that my sister’s vocal skills are American Idol worthy. A couple of years ago we produced a few songs together (they’re a little rough because we don’t have a studio of our own-shocking, I know). I wrote the lyrics and recorded a conceptual melody for her to work with. She used her keyboard and impressive pipes to turn them into reality (often changing my melody entirely-for the better). The really impressive thing is that we accomplished this from opposite sides of the country.

One of the songs is based on my book “The Creation of Jack.” It is the best of the bunch and still gives me chills. Hopefully, I will upload it to my site soon, so stay tuned!!

2. I have a black cat named Maximus. He is a sweetheart. I once heard that people who hate cats used to be mice in another life. (heehee)

3. I hiked Mt. Whitney in 2013 (and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done!) Camping at 12,000 ft for two nights (pre and post- ascent) was phenomenal. The wind came whipping down the mountainside and in the middle of the night the stars were delicious.


4. I secretly wish I was a dancer. 

5. At one point I could take off, fly a pattern, and land a small Cessna 172 with little-to-no help from my dad. (It’s been a few years, so don’t stick me in an airplane and tell me to perform!)

6. My sophomore year in high school I was convinced I was going to attend CalTech and major in aerospace engineering. Yeah, that didn’t happen. (But, I still love science!)

7. My all time favorite Disney character is Stitch. I can’t help it. He is a lost little, destructive, monster who just wants to find his family! Lilo loves him unconditionally inspire of his evil streak. Best of all, he was created to be a monster, but Lilo’s love helps him overcome his programming to become a “little angel.” (Sound familiar? heh heh. I guess it’s no secret I’m drawn to underdogs who overcome the odds they were dealt.)

8. I think that I probably express less that 10% of what’s on my mind. (People who know me should weigh in on this). I don’t know what the statistics are for average people, but I have reason to believe that my percentage is significantly smaller. It’s not because I don’t like you or don’t trust you. I just have a complicated filter process. The good news for you is that a lot of this stored up 90% comes out in my writing! If you ever want to pick my brain, reading my work is a good start.

9. I am not good at telling personal stories–at least not until a significant amount of time has passed (for example 5-10 years). This may seem odd, because I love story-telling on the page! But there is a big difference between telling stories about myself and constructing stories that are important to me.

10. Even after having lived in America for 10+ years, I find that there are still some large gaps in my cultural knowledge. If I don’t pick up on cultural references my friends have been known to turn to me say, “Oh, you were in the jungle.”

Well, there are ten fun facts about me! Anything surprise you? Anything you identify with? (If you also have a black cat named Maximus, I definitely want to hear from you!!)


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