Plot Twist

So I’ve been in the proofreading stage of my third novel, “Into the Void,” the sequel to “The Creation of Jack.” Since I taught myself how to write, I know that I don’t always do things in the right order. I suppose by now most professionals would say all major plot edits should be complete. But my novels tell me when they are incomplete. I stopped working on this guy completely for the last few weeks because I just felt like I had hit a wall. I had been adding in what I call my “writer’s cornstarch” to thicken up the whole dish: some character development, tying up loose plot ends, etc. But there were a couple haunting questions that I couldn’t answer. So I just took a break from the whole thing.

Well, the other night the answers came exploding into my head like the fourth of July! One of my characters stood up and got my attention. He said, “You’ve been ignoring me and keeping me shallow, when really, I am the key to this new plot progression.” It blew my mind a little bit.

The best part was that it fits in with my first novel perfectly. It’s one of those open-ended moments of genius that I wrote about a while ago. It’s like I had some intuition about this character so I lead him down a particular path, but I’ve been keeping him at a stop sign for years. Now I realize the perfect destination for him.

Needless to say I am excited and a little intimidated. I think this could solve most of my problems, but to be honest, it’s going to take a little work. I have my December deadline looming closer every day. Some days it really scares me. But I can totally pull this off.


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