The Creation of Jack

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Creation of Jack Preview

“You’re out of control, Hajjar!”

“She’s at a crucial stage, General. Don’t ruin years of work because you’re uncomfortable.”

“You’re torturing her! I’m not uncomfortable, I’m furious.”

“Don’t you want to know if she’ll break under torture? Don’t you want to know what it’ll take for her to give in to someone else’s will?”

“And what will you accomplish by forcing her to submit to yours?”

“She won’t. She won’t give in. But I will show her how strong she is. And once she overcomes me, there is nothing that will break her. She’ll be indestructible.”

“You mean she’ll be destroyed—you’re destroying her!”

“I’m destroying the weakness in her. I’m destroying her fear, her selfishness, and self preservation. I am destroying that side of her that has flown under the radar, avoiding detection and taking the easy way out.”

“You’re playing God. You’re playing with a powerful human soul and gambling on an outcome that you can’t guarantee.”

“General Clayworth, if you interfere now you may clear your conscience, but you will do us no favors. If you come and rescue her, like the knight in shining armor, she will be a victim for the rest of her life.”

“And what’s your solution?”

“She needs to defeat me.”

“And how do you plan on bringing that about?”

“I will do almost nothing. General, I guarantee I will let you know as soon as she is ready, and when you see her after her training is complete, you will not be disappointed.”


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